Sunday, 15 September 2013

"Lets start with 15 facts"


 So I was thinking to myself that I've never actually given my readers any type of insight into my life, and me personally, so what I was thinking is to give all my lovely regular and new readers a bit of information. I'm not going to make it paragraphy because that's not enjoyable for me or you, so I'll list. Lets start with 15 facts.
  1. I am 17 years old, born in January 24th 1996,
  2. I attend a London college, studying A-Levels English, Media & Photography,
  3. I want to have a future career in Fashion Photography
  4. I have a dog called Oskar who is a Chihuahua
  5. I am half English and half welsh
  6. My favourite movie is Titanic
  7. I love Harry Styles
  8. My favourite band is One Direction' obviously!
  9. I love to read
  10. I have a part time job in a hair salon
  11. Peach Ice Tea is my favourite drink
  12. Macaroni cheese and beef are my favourite foods
  13. I hate poetry!
  14. I love horror and romantic movies
  15. My favourite television programmes are home & away and celebrity juice

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